Iron Dome was Activated

Second day in a row: Iron Dome was activated in the north of the Gaza Strip

Iron Dome intercepted an unmanned aerial vehicle in the north of the Gaza Strip, this is the second day in a row that Iron Dome has intercepted an unmanned aerial vehicle in Gaza. No red alarms were heard

Iron Dome interception, archive (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Palestinian sources report the deployment of two Iron Dome interceptors in the northern Gaza Strip area. It appears to be related to a potential security situation.

A short while ago, the sound of an Iron Dome interception was heard, fired towards a target in the northern Gaza Strip. The Red Alert siren was not activated, and residents of the area were informed that no projectiles were fired towards Israeli territory.

As previously reported, last night (Sunday), the Iron Dome intercepted an unmanned aerial vehicle that was launched towards Israeli territory. From the moment of its launch, the Air Force tracked its path. The air defense forces successfully intercepted the unmanned aerial vehicle using the Iron Dome system.

It is also stated that the vehicle did not pose a threat to the residents of the Gaza envelope area, and no alerts were activated in accordance with policy.


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