Overnight: An Exchange of Fire

During the night: terrorists threw explosives, the forces responded by firing

During the night, IDF forces operated in the northwest of Samaria near the municipality of Yabed, after encountering terrorists who threw explosives at a military position, the forces responded by shooting

IDF forces, archive (photo: IDF spokesperson)

During the night, IDF soldiers who were conducting a planned operation in the northwestern part of Samaria encountered terrorists who had thrown explosive devices towards a nearby military position. The forces opened fire at the terrorists and apprehended them.

An IDF spokesperson stated: "IDF soldiers who were engaged in a planned operation near the settlement of Yabed in the Menashe Region fired upon terrorists who had thrown explosive devices from a vehicle towards a nearby military position. During the throwing of the explosives, the soldiers heard gunfire in the area. The soldiers apprehended several terrorists who were injured as a result of the fire and immobilized the vehicle they were using. The forces initiated searches and pursued additional terrorists."

Apart from the explosive device throwing, last Saturday, terrorists fired towards a water well near Avnei Hefetz

As announced, the IDF forces, the Shabak and the Border Police operated during last Shabbat in Kfar Daan in the Menashe Region, arrested two wanted persons and found Molotov cocktails ready to be thrown. During the operation, armed men shot and threw an explosive device at the IDF force, which responded by shooting.

Additionally, terrorists fired towards a military position overnight near the village of Hursa in the Judea Region. No injuries or damage were caused. IDF forces conducted searches in the area and initiated a pursuit of the assailants. The arrested suspects and confiscated combat equipment were handed over for continuing handling by security forces. There were no casualties among our forces.

Avnei Hefetz (Photo: Gili Yaari/Flash 90)

Furthermore, as reported by the IDF, terrorists fired towards a water well located near the settlement of Avnei Hefetz earlier. There were no civilians present at the location and no injuries. After searches, bullet casings were found in the area. IDF forces initiated pursuit of the terrorists.


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