No Budget?

The Ministry of the Interior claimed that there was no money, Wasserlauf announced: "My ministry will pay"

In the discussion about dealing with the issue of infiltrators, the Population and Immigration Authority at the Ministry of Interior announced that they have exhausted their budget for the voluntary departure program from the country. In response, Minister Yitzhak Wasserlauf stated that his ministry will allocate a budget.

(Photo: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash 90)

During the discussion that took place this morning (Sunday) in the special ministerial team established to address the issue of infiltrators, it became clear that the budget of the Population and Immigration Authority for the 'Voluntary Departure Unit' project has been exhausted for the current year.

The Director-General of the Population and Immigration Authority, Eyal Sisso, stated during the discussion that the budget for this year has been utilized, and more than 2000 infiltrators have left Israel. Now, an additional 20 million is needed to increase effective activity until the end of the year.

The riots in Tel Aviv (Photo: Omer Fishman/Flash90)

In light of this, Minister Yitzhak Wasserlauf announced to those present at the meeting that he will provide the funds from his ministry's budget. This is due to the fact that the Ministry of the Negev and Galilee, under his leadership, is also responsible for neighborhoods that have been affected by the infiltrator population.

The goal: a new government program

According to sources in the ministry in recent months, they have been working on a government decision to increase the departure of infiltrators and rehabilitate the neighborhoods. Due to the urgency of the matter, Minister Wasserlauf announced to those present that he will allocate the missing 20 million from his ministry's budget.

Additionally, Minister Wasserlauf stated that he will incorporate the government's decision regarding the treatment of infiltrators and the rehabilitation of neighborhoods affected by the infiltrator population into the upcoming cabinet meeting.

Government meeting (Photo: Marc Israel Sellem)

The government's decision allocates significant resources for increasing the removal of infiltrators, actions to keep drug addicts away from them, renovations of synagogues, strengthening Jewish activities, legal assistance to residents of the neighborhoods, and support for elderly citizens.


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