Special Forces in the Jenin Refugee Camp.

For the first time since July 2023 Jenin incursion: Special forces operated in the Jenin refugee camp.

For the first time since July 2023 Jenin incursion (Operation 'Bayit VaGan'), special forces of the IDF and the police entered the Jenin refugee camp. According to Arab reports, the forces entered the camp amidst tensions and sealed off a building on-site. Following them, reinforcements of plainclothes units arrived in a long convoy of jeeps."

Special Forces in Samaria (Photo: IDF spokesman)

It was later reported that there was a fire exchanged between IDF forces and Palestinian militants, with the Palestinian media reporting 5 minor injuries. According to estimates, the Palestinians were surprised by the activity, and apparently, there are a large number of detainees at the scene.

As a reminder, last August the security forces entered the city of Jenin for the first time since the "Bayit VaGan" operation, when during the operation a terrorist of the Islamic Jihad was eliminated. It was also reported that several other terrorists were arrested in the incident.

According to the police and the IDF statement, during the arrest of two wanted individuals affiliated with the Islamic Jihad in the Kasbah neighborhood of Jenin, shots were fired at the militants. Following the gunfire, the forces returned fire and entered the building. During the exchange of fire, the terrorist, who was a wanted suspect involved in terror activities, was killed. After searching the building, multiple weapons were found, including dozens of explosives that were later destroyed by the militants.

As the forces withdrew from the area, rioters threw explosives and fired at the soldiers, who responded with gunfire. One of the militants was lightly injured and was taken to the hospital for medical treatment.


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