Arab Bus Driver  Attacked A Jew

Complaint to the police: An Arab bus driver attacked a Jew

The Honenu organization appealed to the police in order to arrest an Arab bus driver who, according to their claim, attacked a Jewish passenger with the emergency hammer. According to attorney Bleicher: "acts of violence by Islamist bus drivers have become a scourge"

Illustration (Photo: Police Spokesperson)

The Honenu organization contacted the Israel Police today (Sunday) alleging an attack on a Jew by an Arab bus driver.

According to the organization's statement, about a week ago during a trip on route 71 of the Super-bus company, the Arab bus driver asked a Jewish passenger to get off the bus after, according to the driver, a malfunction was discovered. The passenger refused to obey the driver and according to him in response, he was attacked by a minority member with the emergency hammer that was on the bus.

Following the attack's claim, the 'Honno' organization appealed to the Israel Police to arrest the Arab driver. Attorney Haim Bleicher said: "We call on the police and the law authorities as well as the Minister of Transportation to step in and deal severely with those drivers who provide terrorist services instead of serving the citizens." He also claimed, "My client's destination was one of the last stops in the Ramot neighborhood. My client was left almost alone on the bus while the minority driver named Ahmed announced that there was a problem and therefore he should get off at the stop after which there were supposed to be four more stops."

"Cursed the passenger and waved his hands at him"

Attorney Bleicher continued to unfold the incident: "My client is concerned that the reason for the driver's message is because the driver wants to shorten the turn of the bus and return straight to the terminal, a phenomenon that exists on the line, and therefore asked to know what the problem was. The driver said there was a flat tire, cursed my client, closed the door, and announced that he was going to the terminal. My client told the driver that he got off there but demanded to get the driver's details."

He also added, "In response, he stood up and clung to my client while cursing and waving his hands at him. My client froze in place and the driver sat down again. The driver started driving while my client clung to the door so that it remained open. After a short drive, the driver got up, pulled out the emergency hammer, and swung it at my client While the bus was moving, my client jumped from the bus in great panic and fell on his broken hand near the wheels of the bus.

The driver continued driving while the wheels almost ran over my client's body. Miraculously, but at the last moment, my client managed to roll towards the sidewalk and save himself from being run over. The driver continued his journey to the terminal while my client was bruised and injured and his broken hand began to drink blood under the cast," described Bleicher.

According to the lawyer: "This is a serious assault incident which is very serious as the suspect is a public service bus driver. In the hands of the driver are the safety and lives of hundreds of citizens every day. I will ask you to do everything possible to arrest the driver, investigate him, and bring him to justice ASAP, and as much as possible a place to prevent him from improvising the continuation of his work as a public bus driver before his actions lead to disaster.

In conclusion, he said: "The phenomenon of acts of violence by Islamist bus drivers against the Jewish public has long since become a veritable scourge. These are cases of serious violence and real danger to life. We call on the police and the law enforcement agencies as well as the Minister of Transportation to step into the thick of the beam and deal harshly with those drivers who give Terrorist services instead of a service to the citizens and are a strategic threat to the security of hundreds of citizens at the wheel of the bus."


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