Netanyahu: "An agreement with Saudi Arabia will change the face of the world"

Netanyahu to the employees of the Prime Minister's Office: "We are working together with the Americans to achieve peace with Saudi Arabia, this will largely change the face of the world." On the legal reform: "I believe that a compromise is possible"

Netanyahu (Photo by Haim Zach, GPO.)

During the toast held today (Wednesday) at the Prime Minister's Office, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu referred to the conduct of Israeli society in the past year, the security challenges, and the negotiations for an agreement with the Saudis.

At the beginning of his speech, the Prime Minister referred to the division created in the nation as a result of the legal reform: "I wish you a happy and sweet new year, and to your wonderful children and families. I wish for all of us that this year there will be more unity in the nation, less division within us.

And it starts with us all remembering, or at least most of us, that we are one people, with one country, with one army, with a common past and a common future. In a democracy there are always differences of opinion, this is the nature of a democracy. But if you agree to agree, you can reach an agreement. And that is our ambition. I think it is possible."

Netanyahu: "We intend to expand the circle of peace with the Saudis"

The Prime Minister commented on the talks with Saudi Arabia: "At the same time, we also have a good opportunity, and this opportunity will be; after we achieved the Abraham Accords, we are now working together with our American friends to expand the circle of peace in a way that will change the face of Israel, the face of the Middle East, and to a large extent the the face of the world".

According to him: "We intend for peace with Saudi Arabia, which will pave the way to turn this entire region into a huge corridor of essential infrastructure. Israel is becoming a bridgehead to the world. This is a huge change, you will feel it, every one of you."

Netanyahu (Photo by Haim Zach, GPO.)

Netanyahu also referred to the security challenges that befell Israel during the past year: "We are facing great challenges and great opportunities. The first and most important challenge is first of all - security. There is an effort led by Iran and its affiliates to deepen terrorism, especially in the West Bank and not only, and we are struggling them strongly.

He also added: "Since the beginning of the year, we have eliminated close to 170 terrorists, and counting of course. It is a never-ending struggle, and we will reckon with the murderers as well as with their senders. There is a very great future here, and if it is realized, it will be realized this year. A great blessing, the beginning of a new year and its blessings, which is a very great blessing. We are working diligently for our country, which has a bright future, and I hope we also have a great year ahead. Thank you all very much."


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