'Feeling Abandoned'

The victim of the attack recounts the moments of horror: 'Feeling abandoned'

Yossi Dagan: "Start a military operation now. Bring back checkpoints. We will not be ducks in the range"

(Photo: Shomron Media)

Yesterday (Tuesday) terrorists opened fire on a vehicle traveling on Route 60 on the Huwara axis and injured 2 men about 30 years old. MDA medics and paramedics were called to the scene, and provided initial medical treatment to the two wounded while they were fully conscious.

One of the two wounded in the attack, 25-year-old Achiad Liebman, tells for the first time about the moments of the shooting and asks how it is possible that while he is lying bleeding from the attack, the government is transferring weapons to the Palestinian Authority.

"Yesterday around eight o'clock in the evening, I picked up a friend from the village of Tapuach. 150 meters before the intersection (Beitot intersection) we received a barrage of fire, over 30-40 bullets, shooting with a machine gun, an indescribable inferno, I don't wish anyone to go through something like that."

"The front window was completely smashed with holes and we have no way to react, at this time I'm trying to give gas and the car didn't even respond to my driving. We got to a situation where the car responded to me quickly and I started pumping, I gave as much gas as I could, I got to the intersection, I quickly got out of the car, and asked the guy next to me to take cover."

"I got out of the car and fired four or five shots in the direction from which they were shooting at us. I thought the damn terrorists wanted to finish us off completely, so I fired at least a deterrent shot as a response so they wouldn't come at us."

"It is proven that we are reaching the situation of Oslo II, this is not an era of knife terrorism, this is terrorism by individuals who come in large numbers and the army has no way to track it down."

"Also this squad has been known for several months and the security forces wanted to get to them, but they didn't, there is the Shin Bet and people are doing it, and it is highly appreciated, but we have reached a situation where there is no control over it, it has reached a point where a real operation must be launched, absolutely, not to enter Jenin just for an operation and then the terrorists recover two months back, but a huge operation that needs to include assassinations from above of Targeted elimination - not just slogans."

"This is our life, we chose to live, it doesn't make sense that the routine of the Arabs should be at the expense of our lives. This is a demand from the Commander-in-Chief, this is a demand from the Israeli government, they must do everything in their power, right now we feel abandoned and feel like sheeps that are just being trampled at every possible intersection, we can only imagine Who will be the next victim, and see in the end that they will say 'our hands did not shed this blood'."

At the scene of the attack (photo: MDA spokesmen)

Head of the Samaria Regional Council Yossi Dagan: "We will not continue to be ducks in the range. We could have been at two difficult funerals this morning. Only a miracle and Achiad's resourcefulness changed the face of reality. We will not allow them to continue murdering Israeli citizens, the Israeli government need to do its job. bring back now the security checkpoints. To embark on a real military operation to return the weapons. An operation after which, we will not see our residents bleeding on the roads."


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