Lapid Criticizes Netanyahu

Lapid attacks Netanyahu: "serious disruption of judgment"

Opposition Leader Yair Lapid attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu following his words against the protesters, saying that "nothing helps the Iranians more than the coup of his government"

(Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90)

Opposition leader Yair Lapid responded this morning (Monday) to the attack by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu against the protesters, in which he claimed, "The protesters against me in the United States are linked to the PLO, to Iran, and are tarnishing Israel's reputation in the world."

"No one has damaged our reputation in the world more than Netanyahu in recent months. Nothing helps the Iranians more than the political upheaval of his government," said Lapid in response. "His accusations against the patriots of the protest are further evidence of a severe distortion in his judgment and his perception of reality."

"Netanyahu is a clear and immediate danger to the existence of Israel"

Meanwhile, a member of Yair Lapid's party, Karine Elharrar, said, "At the start of a new year, the Prime Minister of Israel is standing on the steps of the plane on his way to his speech at the UN, and what is his message? He equates the protesters who defend Israel's image to the PLO and Iran. What a shame, what an insult, how incendiary. Netanyahu, you should be ashamed!"

MK Michal Shir also said, "The manipulation by supporters of Jewish terrorism equates pilots and hi-tech professionals to the PLO and Iran. Netanyahu poses a clear and immediate danger to Israel's existence. It was not the protesters who called Arafat a partner and friend, it was not they who supported Hamas, and it was not they who weakened Israel. Netanyahu is the best partner for Israel's enemies. He does the work for them."

Earlier, the leader of the Machane HaMamlachti, Benny Gantz, said, "Netanyahu's attack, while blaming the protesters in the United States as collaborators with our enemies, is severe and deserving of condemnation. Even if one disagrees with their methods, they are patriots who love their country. The immense damage that Netanyahu has caused to Israeli society through his leadership cannot be fixed by a thousand fiery speeches at the UN. It is time to stop the political upheaval and restore order to the government, instead of blaming the protesters."

Those who choose less than statesmanlike language include the leader of the Yisrael Beiteinu party, Member of Knesset Avigdor Lieberman, who expressed in his own way: "Mr. Prime Minister, once again, you are lying brazenly. The protesters in Israel and around the world are demonstrating against you and for the State of Israel."

"Someone who aligns with Iran and the PLO is none other than you, Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu. You are the one who is tearing Israeli society apart from within, the one who is manipulating our sons and daughters, and you are the one who demonstrates to all of us day by day that you act solely in accordance with your personal interests, even if it means the country will be set on fire."


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