Attacked by a Mob

Rabbi Levinstein was attacked by a mob in Tel Aviv

During Rabbi Yigal Levinstein's visit to the "Rosh Yehudi" branch in Tel Aviv, hundreds of protesters began to demonstrate against him and even tried to attack him with sticks. The religious Zionist party criticized: "The opposition is a captive of a handful of extremists"

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The head of the Pre-Military Training Rabbi Yigal Levinstein and the chairman of the "Rosh Yehudi" organization Yisrael Zaira were attacked last night (Tuesday) by a mob near the "Rosh Yehudi" branch in Tel Aviv.

The two individuals who arrived at the "Rosh Yehudi" branch in Tel Aviv encountered hundreds of local residents who had come to protest against them. During the protest, several demonstrators approached Rabbi Levinstein and his escort in an attempt to physically attack them. A young man named Aviad, who accompanied the rabbi, described the challenging experience: "Dozens of protesters tried to physically attack us, with sticks and even their hands. If the police had not been there to protect the rabbi, it would have ended very badly."

Rabbi Levinstein is rescued by the police (photo: no credit)

Rabbi Levinstein: "In the name of peace people become so aggressive"

Rabbi Yigal Levinstein responded to the attack against him, saying, "Last night, I arrived at 'Rosh Yehudi' in Tel Aviv to support my friend Yisrael Zaira. Yisrael gave up a comfortable life and a private home in a settlement that is his natural environment, and came to live in Tel Aviv just to increase love and strengthen Jewish identity. This doesn't sit well with those who champion liberalism and choose to attack him.

"My goal yesterday in Tel Aviv, like in all my activities, was to continue and explain the processes so that all of Israel understands how good people can fall into the trap of progressive incitement and seduction, and in the name of peace become so aggressive. I will continue to do so, God willing."

"Where is Matan Kahane who seeks unity?"

In the religious Zionist party, strong condemnation is directed at the attack on Rabbi Levinstein and Yisrael Zaira: "A rabbi in Israel is violently attacked on the streets of Tel Aviv and rescued by the police. Shouts of 'Nazis' directed at members of the 'Rosh Yehudi' community and the CEO of 'Rosh Yehudi' is attacked by protesters when their only 'sin' is organizing a joint 'Neilah' prayer gathering for citizens in Dizengoff Square."

In their remarks, they leveled harsh accusations against the religious representatives aligned with the opposition: "Where is Matan Kahana, the seeker of unity? What about Hili Tropper, the lover of justice? The red lines are crossed again and again, and the 'royal' opposition remains silent, becoming a captive of an extreme minority that dictates the tone."

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