Attack In Syria

After 50 years: IDF tanks attacked in the Golan Heights

50 years after the Yom Kippur War, today the IDF attacked military infrastructures that violated the Separation of Forces Agreement (1974) in the Ein Altaniya area of the Golan Heights. Earlier, two Palestinian Islamic Jihad operatives were killed by a UAV

(Photo: Flash90)

The IDF spokesman announces that IDF tanks recently attacked two temporary structures used by the Syrian army, violating the separation of forces agreement between Israel and Syria (1974) in the Ein Altaniya area.

According to initial details, yesterday two buildings began to be erected across the ceasefire line, in territory considered Israeli (beyond the perimeter fence). The IDF did not wait for establishment and attacked the two buildings which were empty of people, but with weapons and equipment. By firing several shells, both buildings were destroyed.

The IDF says: "The attack was carried out after yesterday (Wednesday) IDF observations identified the second of the temporary structures in the security area, which constituted a blatant violation of the Separation of Forces Agreement between Israel and Syria (1974). The IDF considers the Syrian regime responsible for everything that happens in its territory and will not allow attempts to violate the separation agreement."

Report in Syria: two killed in an Israeli attack

Syrian sources reported today (Thursday) that Israel killed two motorcyclists using a drone in the town of Beit Jin in Syria, about 11 kilometers east of the Israeli border in the Hermon region. According to reports in Syria, the activists who were killed are: Zahar al-Saadi, Abu Alaa' and Ali Akasha Abu Jarrah, both are identified with the Islamic Jihad and apparently organized sabotage activity from Syria against Israel.


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Israel-Gaza War, United Arab Emirates, Biden Administration

Report: Israel, U.S., UAE Held Secret Talks on Postwar Gaza in Abu Dhabi

In a covert meeting in Abu Dhabi, Israel, the U.S., and the UAE discussed postwar Gaza plans, amid growing international pressure for a viable management strategy for the region.

Gila Isaacson | 10:47

Sheba Medical Center, Israeli Medicine

Israeli medical institute’s breakthrough in pancreatic cancer treatment gains U.S. approval 

Sheba Medical Center introduces a revolutionary high-dose radiation therapy for alleviating pancreatic cancer pain, earning a spot in American treatment guidelines.

Avi Nachmani | 10:41

West Bank, Explosion

Bomb explodes along West Bank security barrier: 2 people injured

Two Defense Ministry employees were lightly wounded by a bomb that exploded near the West Bank Security Barrier.

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Japan, Sanctions, Settlers

Japan hits 4 Israeli settlers with sanctions over West Bank violence 

Tokyo acts in response to escalating violence against Palestinians in the region.

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Hamas, Israel- Gaza War

Hamas missile mistake: School in Gaza hit by misfired rocket 

A rocket launched by Hamas intended for Israel misfires and hits a school within Gaza, resulting in damage.

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Kamala Harris, Benjamin Netanyahu

Harris to skip Netanyahu's congressional address; plans private meeting 

The vice president had already committed to attending a Zeta Phi Beta sorority event in Indianapolis.

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Anti-Semitism, Europe

Survey reveals European Jews’ fear of anti-Semitism, yet strong desire to stay

Despite widespread concern about rising anti-Semitism, Jewish leaders in Europe express a strong desire to remain in their communities.

Avi Nachmani | 07:27

Hamas, Hostage Deal

Religious Zionist Leaders: NO to Hamas Hostage Deal 

Religious leaders clash over hostage negotiations, complicating Netanyahu's position. Pressure mounts as conflict enters tenth month, with 116 captives still in Gaza.

Gila Isaacson | 06:44

Trump, Assassination Attempt, Secret Service

Capitol Hill Showdown: Rep. Mace's Fiery Clash with Secret Service Chief 

Accusations fly and an unprecedented impeachment threat emerges in a hearing that pushes oversight to the brink.

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Northern Front, Hezbollah

Watch: IDF fighter jets attack a Hezbollah military base  

Sirens were sounded in several localities in the Upper and Western Galilee following a heavy barrage that was launched early this morning.

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Netanyahu, Biden, Washington Meeting

Netanyahu arrives in Washington: Biden meeting on Thursday to tackle ceasefire

The agenda includes exploring a ceasefire deal with Hamas and addressing broader concerns, including Iran.

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Hamas, Tulkarm, IDF Attack

Commander of Hamas's military wing in Tulkarm killed in drone attack, along with another senior official 

The Palestinians also report that the commander of the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades was killed in the attack.

Avi Nachmani | 05:37