A New Agreement Against Israel

Hezbollah in a new agreement with Russia and Tehran against Israel

A new agreement has been signed between Hezbollah and Russia, Syria, and Tehran: The agreement stipulates that Hezbollah will transfer their old weapons to Syria and Russia, and in return, they will receive new ammunition from Tehran

Nasrallah (Photo: Shutterstock)

According to reports in the Arabic media, a source within the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard revealed today (Monday) a new agreement signed between Iran and Russia. In the agreement, it was stipulated that Hezbollah would deliver its old weapons to Arab tribes in Syria and to the Russian military. In exchange, Hezbollah will receive new weapons from Tehran.

Furthermore, it was reported that Moscow will acquire some of Hezbollah's weaponry in order to support the war in Ukraine. As reported in Maariv, the same source indicated that Russia, which urgently needs significant quantities for use in the Ukraine conflict, will also obtain a large quantity of weaponry that Hezbollah has accumulated in its arsenals since 2006.

The agreement between Tehran and Moscow supports efforts to reach a new agreement between Turkey and Syria, based on Damascus' commitment to remove Kurdish forces from the Turkish border, relocating them within Syrian territory up to 45 kilometers from the border area.

The Kurdish SDF forces, supported by the United States, are the only obstacle to the implementation of these arrangements. It was added that Ankara, Tehran, and Moscow want to avoid direct confrontations with Washington, each for its own reasons. Therefore, they all see that the best solution is to transfer the Arab tribes to carry out the mission of eliminating the SDF.

The Iranian source claimed that Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah informed Kaani during their meeting in Lebanon that the confrontation with Israel is entering a new phase. Therefore, Hezbollah needs high-quality weaponry that can create deterrence against Israel. Furthermore, it was added that Tehran committed to reaching an agreement with Moscow that would allow the transfer of these weapons without exposing them to the risk of Israeli airstrikes.


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