12 More Fallen Soldiers

The names of 12 more soldiers who were killed were allowed to be published

The IDF has allowed the release of the names of 12 additional soldiers who were killed in battles against the terrorists in the south, following updates to their families. These names are added to the 44 soldiers whose names were published yesterday

(Photos: IDF spokesman)

The war in the south: The IDF has permitted the publication of the names of 12 more fallen IDF soldiers from the last day who died in battles against the terrorists in the south. These join the 44 soldiers and 30 policemen whose names were published yesterday.

The list of the fallen:

- Corporal Rotem Dushi, 20 years old, from Shimshit, a soldier in the Paratroopers Brigade.

- Staff Sergeant Alexander Masli, 21 years old, from Afula, an armored combat vehicle technician in Battalion 601.

- Staff Sergeant Or Malka, 21 years old, from Acre, a soldier in a combat intelligence unit.

- Captain (Res.) Meir David Chaim, 31 years old, from Jerusalem, a soldier in the General Staff Reconnaissance Unit.

- Corporal Ro'ee Peri, 19 years old, from Shoham, a soldier in Battalion 13.

- Sergeant Idan Raz, 20 years old, from Ein HaMifratz, a soldier in Battalion 13.

- First Lieutenant Roee Chapfel, 25 years old, from Zikhron Ya'akov, the platoon commander in the Nahal reconnaissance battalion.

- Second Lieutenant Alina Parbusodova, 23 years old, from Haifa, an officer in the Southern District of the Home Front Command.

- Staff Sergeant Tomer Dolev, 34 years old, from Ashkelon, a soldier in the Bar Battalion.

- Second Lieutenant Lior Azizov, 20 years old, from Kfar Silver, a soldier in Battalion 13.

- Second Lieutenant Eden Nimri, 22 years old, from Modi'in, a team commander in the Sky Rider Unit.

- Second Lieutenant Tal Levi, 21 years old, from Jerusalem, a platoon commander in Battalion 50.


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