Documentation: For the First Time, the IDF Targeted Gaza with HaSa'ar 6 Ships

The Israeli Navy made operational use of the advanced missile ships, HaSa'ar 6 ('Storm 6'), for the first time. In the operation, the ships targeted a series of objectives in the Gaza Strip.

(IDF spokesperson)

For the first time since entering service with the Israeli Navy, the IDF conducted operational attacks using the new missile ships, HaSa'ar 6 ('Storm 6'). The ships targeted multiple objectives in the Gaza Strip.

(Documentation: IDF spokesman)

The missile ships Ach'i Oz and Ach'i Magen of the HaSa'ar 6 ("Storm 6") model conducted their first operational attack in the Gaza Strip. These are the newest and most advanced ships in the Israeli Navy's arsenal. The ships entered service a few months ago and have become operational recently. The Navy utilized them for the first time to target the infrastructure of the Hamas terrorist organization.

The newest missile ships in the IDF, the HaSa'ar 6 ('Storm 6') model Ach'i Oz and Ach'i Magen, carried out an attack from the sea towards the Gaza Strip. During this attack, they targeted a facility for the production of combat equipment, an outpost, and an observation post of the naval force of the Hamas terrorist organization.

The development process of the HaSa'ar 6 model ships and the testing conducted over the past two years have expanded the operational and offensive capabilities of the Navy and the IDF. These missile ships are equipped with 18 combat systems that are manufactured in Israel and are among the most advanced in the world, featuring precise firing capabilities.

The three ships have entered operational service over the past few months and are now conducting offensive operations as part of the fighting force against Gaza.


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