Herzog to Scholz: Demand the Immediate Release of the Captives

The President and the German Chancellor met to discuss the fighting and the captives. 

(Photo: Amos Ben Gershom, Government Press Office)

Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog met today (Tuesday) with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who arrived for a visit to Israel against the background of fighting in the south.

During their meeting, the President thanked the Chancellor for Germany’s strong stand with Israel, saying: “I want to thank you for coming to Israel and express the great thanks of the Israeli People to the German People, to the parliament of Germany, and to you and your government for your support for us in one of the darkest hours we are dealing with as a nation since the establishment of the State of Israel.”

Herzog: “We are enlisted in efforts to neutralize the capabilities of Hamas”

Herzog described his visit to a number of cities in the south and his talks with the resident to the German Chancellor. “I see a wonderfully strong society, standing, full of hope and positive, despite the great pain caused us,” the President said. “We are all enlisted – enlisted in the efforts to neutralize the capabilities of Hamas, to allow us to live in peace and move on to a future peace, so we can live alongside one another.”

(Photo: Amos Ben Gershom, Government Press Office)

The President raised the issue of the captives. “At this time, we are of course worried by the captive citizens and soldiers. We demand the immediate release of the hostages, and we are also worried about the German citizens present there,” noted Herzog. “I know you are working towards this effort. I thank you as part of the family of nations and our friends who are here to show this solidarity with the citizens of Israel. Thank you.”

In response to the President’s words, the German Chancellor thanked his host: “I can promise you we will stand at Israel’s side. As I told the German Parliament in a message supported by all members of Parliament.”

Herzog ended by saying: “What is really important is that people remember this, not just in the first week and the second, this will take time. In the end to fight the enemy, to remove him and to change reality, we will need the full support of the international community, so we can eliminate the forces of ISIS.”


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