Sunak Against The Protesters

Sunak against the protesters: "A disgrace, the Jewish community is afraid"

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak condemned the pro-Palestinian demonstrators who clashed with police at a rally in London last night: "The fact that they expressed anti-Semitic messages and supported Hamas is a disgrace to the demonstration. The fact that the Jewish community is afraid is particularly unfortunate."

British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak (Photo: Shutterstock)

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak tonight (Sunday) condemned the pro-Palestinian demonstrators who participated in a rally in London last night and clashed with police officers. In his words, he attacked the decision to hold the rally precisely on British Remembrance Day, which is held on the day when the armistice was agreed upon in the First World War.

"I condemn the harsh scenes we saw today from the Hamas supporters who came to the Palestinian march," Sunak wrote in his statement. According to him, "the extreme measures of a minority among the people undermine those who chose to express their position in peace."

Sunak went on to comment on the timing of the demonstration: "Remembrance Day is a time for us to connect as a nation and remember those who fought and died for our freedom. The things we saw today did not protect the honor of our soldiers, but are a complete disgrace to their memory."

He also claimed that "the fact that 'British Defense League' thugs attacked police officers and blocked public borders, as well as that others expressed anti-Semitic messages and supported Hamas, is a disgrace to today's demonstration. The Jewish community is afraid, and the fact that they are threatened is particularly unfortunate."

"All criminality must be met with the full force and speed of the law," clarified the Prime Minister in conclusion. "That's what I told the police chief on Wednesday, that's what they're responsible for and that's what I expect from them. I'll meet with the chief in the coming days to discuss the issue."


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