Israel unanimously approves defeat: "We lost the war" 

The government's decision to mark the heavy opening blow we received speaks for the whole war in its entirety. Since when do you institute a memorial day while the fighting is still ongoing?!

Binyamin Netanyahu (Photo: Miriam Alster/Flash90)

The government of Israel unanimously approved a resolution declaring that the State of Israel lost the war with Gaza that began on October 7, 2023.

Surprised? Is it possible that when the war is in full swing the government decides that we have already lost? Well, this is the context of the government's decision to inaugurate the 24th of Tishrei as "National Day of Remembrance to Commemorate the Disaster that Befell the State of Israel on October 7 and the Iron Swords War."

The way you remember something is determined by its main image, even when a focused look allows you to see aspects of it that are not so pleasant.

We can remember a trip as very enjoyable even if we suffered every moment of the difficult climbing on the way up, so long as the company was good and the views were beautiful.

The US instituted a memorial day for Pearl Harbor 50 years after the Japanese bombing

Americans remember World War II as a great victory, even though it began for them with a heavy blow that the Japanese landed at Pearl Harbor. During the war, no memorial day was set for the Japanese attack because everyone was busy making sure the Japanese would regret their decision. Memorial Day for the attack on Pearl Harbor was established only in 1994, when it no longer affected the public perception of the outcome of the war.

We also celebrate victories even though they came at a heavy price.

In the Six Day War, nearly 800 soldiers were killed, a heavy price by all accounts. And yet the war is burned into our memory as a great victory that we celebrate on Jerusalem Day.

Therefore, the government's decision now is a declaration that from the government's point of view - the hard opening blow we received is the picture of the entire war - in other words, we lost.

This false statement, although motivated by the just motives of the memory of the victims, causes their vilification. This statement completely ignores the sacrifice of so many of our soldiers for the sake of victory and leaves them as another, meaningless line in the pages of history. Instead of declaring that their lives were not lost in vain and that it serves the purpose of victory, we declare that they gave their lives in a war that we can no longer win.

So please, let us devote our thoughts now to victory in the war and not to memorial ceremonies. We will note the heavy price we have already paid and which unfortunately can only increase on Israel's Official Memorial Day for her fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism.

In this war we must first win.


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