Smear campaign, Anti-Israel lies

Opinion: angry response to New York Times smear campaign against Israel

As lies continue to spread throughout various news agency reports, now 14 responds directly to that of the New York Times in their attempt to degrade Israel and sets the facts straight regarding the countries strength and readiness for war.

New York Times news agency (photo: Hadrian/shutterstock)

The article in the "New York Times" constitutes a dangerous smear campaign against Israel, portraying it as weak and internally divided, with disjointed political and military leadership, an ill-prepared and ineffectual IDF, and positioned at an extremely precarious point of vulnerability, news channel now 14 reports.

To put it bluntly, this report is a prime example of baseless demagoguery that undermines our national security. Those responsible for this article are engaged in a perilous effort to smear Israel's image, depicting it as fragile and disorganized.

Contrary to the assertions in the New York Times, Israel is fully prepared and poised for potential conflict in the North across all levels of intensity. The misinterpretation presented in the article not only misrepresents the truth but also jeopardizes Israel's security.

This skewed portrayal is precisely what figures like Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah and Iran's leadership scrutinize to gauge Israel's strength. They do not assess our capabilities by counting missiles or soldiers; rather, they focus on how Israel is portrayed in the United States and our relationship with the Americans.

When asked about the prospects in the North, I assert with 95% certainty that war will ensue, with only a 5% chance of avoiding it. This small margin is significant because, despite mutual reluctance, we have reached a point of no return.

Presently, we face an adversary capable of launching anti-tank missiles, deploying explosive drones, and threatening both soldiers and civilians across our borders. Given this reality, Israel cannot safely return tens of thousands of residents to their homes near the border or attempt to downplay the situation.

Israel has diligently prepared for a potential conflict with Hezbollah, affirming both militarily and politically that the IDF is fully equipped to counter any threat posed by Nasrallah and his forces.


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