Israel At War - UEFA VS Maccabi Haifa

Unbelievable: The Disgraceful Rebuke of UEFA to Maccabi Haifa

After the game against Villarreal in which they made many tributes to the kidnapped and murdered in the match summary conversation, the representatives of UEFA reprimanded the representatives of Maccabi Haifa: "Why didn't you mention the Gazans?".

Maccabi Haifa players, archive. (courtesy of: Maccabi Haifa)

Last week, Maccabi Haifa returned to play after a month without football, and at the beginning of the game held several tributes to those killed in the massacre by Hamas, and to the abductees who are still in captivity, among them a minute of silence. Today it is published that at the end of the game, the team received a disgraceful reprimand from UEFA, the European football organization, for not mentioning the dead from Gaza during the minute of silence. The team is also expected to receive a fine.

Maccabi Haifa did not remain oblivious and answered: "This is our story. 1,400 murdered, including babies, children, and women who were even raped. A horrific massacre. There is no symmetry here. Our soldiers went to a just war, a war with no choice but to return the 240 abductees and restore the security of the citizens of Israel, against a bloodthirsty, murderous, and Nazi terrorist organization.

This is our story and this is our statement and we do not regret it for a moment." As mentioned, UEFA was not convinced by the answer and it is expected to impose a fine on the team.

Before the game in Maccabi Haifa, they gesture to the team's fans under the caption: "This is me and Maccabi". Two days ago, the Greens uploaded a moving video dedicated to Yuval Salomon HY"D, the team's fan who was murdered in the Hamas massacre. In the video, alongside photos of Yuval Salomon HY"D, his personal story is told in the background.

Yuval, who started loving the greens at the age of four, was first in Maccabi Haifa's historic victory over PSG in 1999, the video also shows the winning goal against the French. Earlier today, the representatives of the Greens visited the air force bases in Ramat David and the technical base of the corps.

Yesterday the group uploaded a similar video about Daniel Moshe Danino HY"D to which they attached the text: "He had two loves in life: the 13th Battalion of Golani and Maccabi Haifa and sometimes he would combine them with a scarf on his uniform. Daniel was killed on the first day of the war when he was fighting terrorists, he protected his soldiers with his body and saved the girls of the military at the Erez crossing. May his memory be blessed."


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