Ichilov Hospital

IDF, Air Force, Yemen drone, Tel Aviv
"What happened last night was a crazy omission by the army"

In the media, the Air Force is being attacked following the fall of the UAV in the heart of Tel Aviv, which claimed the life of one person and injured 8 others: "After more than nine months of intense war, were they surprised tonight too?"

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 19.07.24

Hamas, Israeli hostages

Liora Argamani, mother of released hostage Noa, has passed away

This morning, Ichilov hospital in Tel Aviv confirmed the tragic death of Noa Argamani's mother. She died after a long battle with brain cancer, and just 3 weeks after her daughter Noa was rescued from Hamas captivity after being hostage for 8 months. 

Eliana Fleming | 02.07.24

Health, Medicine

Israel's Sheba Medical Center ranked 11th in the world in 2023 by Newsweek

The Ramat Gan-based hospital came ever so close in 2023 to being in the top ten hospitals in the world according to Newsweek's ranking.

Avi Woolf | 28.02.24

Raz Returned and Met her Daughters

With Tears and Hugs: Raz Meets her Daughters after Hamas Captivity

Raz Ben Ami, who was abducted from Kibbutz Be'eri together with her husband Ohad, returned to Israel last night, her husband still remains in captivity. The photos in which she is seen meeting her daughters - did not leave a dry eye.

JFeed | 30.11.23