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Israel-Gaza War, International Criminal Court
106 MKs sign a petition against ICC Prosecutor's decision to file for warrants against Netanyahu and Gallant

The Labor Party and the Arab parties refused to sign, each for their own reasons. Labor MK Naama Lazimi called the petition a "meaningless statement" meant to be a "tool of Bibi's."

Avi Woolf | 20.05.24

A Siddur A Week

A Siddur A Week: A Yemenite-Socialist Nusach: Yisrael Kessar, the Histadrut, and the Tefilat Shivtei Yisrael siddur

The story of a "red" siddur, in color and politics, which briefly appeared and disappeared as the socialist era in Israel came to an end.

Reuven Gafni | 08.03.24


Meretz Responds to Labor Leader Michaeli's Resignation: Don't Repeat Mistakes

After Labor Chair Merav Michaeli announced her resignation from the party, the Secretary-General of Meretz called on the left to avoid previous mistakes and unite into one big party.

Chani Edri, JFeed Staff | 07.12.23

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Labor Party Chair to Resign From Knesset, Primaries in Four Months

Labor Party Chair Merav Michaeli announced her resignation from the Knesset and the holding of party primaries in four months, after significant pressure from party members.

Chani Edri, JFeed Staff | 07.12.23

Keir Starmer Met with Jewish Students

Towards the beginning of the new year: the chairman of Labor met with Jewish students

The leader of the British Labor Party met with students at a Jewish school in London, where he talked to them about Rosh Hashanah and said that he "loves that it's a time when you can look back and also forward, and take stock of your life." Watch the video

Uriel Be'eri, JFeed Staff | 14.09.23