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Apple Overtakes Samsung in Smartphone Deliveries in 2023

The iPhone giant officially overtook the maker of Galaxy phones in smartphone deliveries in 2023, in what is otherwise considered to be the worst year in a decade for smartphone sales.

Avi Woolf | 16.01.24

Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2024

MKBHD's 2024 Blind Smartphone Camera Test: Unveiling the Ultimate Shooters!

Renowned tech reviewer MKBHD has just dropped his latest YouTube video, featuring the much-anticipated 2024 Smartphone Camera Blind Test.

Abraham Gutman | 09.01.24

iPhone Users: Update

IDF Urges iPhone Users: "Update as Soon as Possible"

The IDF confirmed that the new version of the Home Front Command application for iPhones is now available in the Apple App Store: "We ask the public to update as soon as possible."

Uriel Be'eri, JFeed Staff | 09.11.23