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Google Presents: These are the Things You Searched for in 2023

Google summarizes the year 2023 and publishes the list of the most popular searches of the past year. The war in Gaza has been given its own category, with searches for the Home Front Command, alarms and Daniel Hagari.

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Just before the end of the civil year, Google today (Monday) published the summary of the year 2023 and revealed the list of terms that received the largest number of searches in the past year. As expected, many searches in Israel dealt with the war and the security situation, alongside films, series, and various technologies.

These are the popular searches in 2023 in Israel

Israel Hamas war

The war that broke into our lives on October 7th was awarded its own category in the year's summary list - with the "Home Front Command" taking first place in the security ranking. It is followed by "red color" in second place, and searches for weapons licenses in third place. The name of the operation, "Iron Swords", ranked fourth, and the search for "Gaza" came in fifth. By the way, also in the global news category "Israel and Gaza war" was the most viewed search term in the past year.


In the people category, the actress Yael Elkana led the list of searches following her win in the program "The Masked Singer" this year. 12 News commentator Yair Cherki came in second, and singer Bruno Mars was ranked third, who aroused great enthusiasm following his arrival to perform in Israel. IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari, who has become a permanent figure in our lives thanks to his daily statements about the war, came in fourth place on the list of searches in Israel, and in fifth place is former Maccabi Tel Aviv and current Bayern Munich goalkeeper Daniel Peretz.


2023 was the year of artificial intelligence, with the ChatGPT app winning the most searches in the technology category. Google's artificial intelligence application, Bard, was also ranked fifth. In second place was the Emoji Kitchen software that allows users to create emojis to send in messages, and in third place was Apple's iPhone 15, which was launched this year.

passed away

Every year, many Google searches were about the people who left our lives during 2023. Karin Bowman, who passed away last May at the age of 35, was ranked first after her tragic death at the end of a long struggle with anorexia. After her, were ranked two Israeli cultural heroes who passed away only a week apart: the poet Yehonatan Geffen and the writer Meir Shalev. The last places in the top five were taken by two of the hostages who were murdered on October 7, Shani Luke and the late Noa Marciano.


1) Barbie

2) Oppenheimer

3) Fast and Furious 10

4) Guardians of the Galaxy

5) The Little Mermaid

TV Shows

1) A Body That Works

2) Al Thaman

3) Red Skies

4) The Cops

5) The last of us

reality series

1) The big brother

2) Game of Chefs

3) The masked singer

4) Dancing with the stars

5) The parent test


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