The Oldest Rhinoceros Has Passed Away

Rest in peace: the oldest rhinoceros in the Biblical Zoo has passed away

The zoo mourns the passing of Shalom, the venerable rhinoceros, who passed away at the age of 45. He received his name after being born on the day of the signing of the peace agreement with Egypt. According to them, "he captured hearts and raised awareness for the conservation of rhinoceroses"

(Photo: Rami Dagan)

Yesterday (Sunday), at the Biblical Zoo, the venerable rhinoceros known as "Shalom" passed away at the age of 45. Shalom was born at the safari in Ramat Gan on the day of the signing of the peace agreement with Egypt, and that's where he got his name. The rhinoceros arrived at the Biblical Zoo approximately 30 years ago.

Rhinoceros in danger of extinction

According to the garden's staff: "Shalom captured the hearts of the visitors with his noble behavior and gentle nature. His presence brought great joy to everyone who had the privilege to see and work with him, and his existence greatly contributed to raising awareness among visitors about the importance of conserving the White Rhinoceros, which is facing serious extinction threats."

At the Biblical Zoo they added: "Throughout his life, Shalom lived in harmony and friendship with many of his fellow rhinos, enjoying the training and enrichment activities prepared for him by the care team. Shalom, who reached the venerable age of 45, began to experience difficulties in the past year. Despite the numerous efforts, medical treatments, and immense love provided by the staff, he was defined as geriatric, and his health condition continued to decline. Even medications didn't ease his discomfort, and he was unable to maintain the necessary quality of life for a rhino."

Thank you, Shalom, for the magical time you spent with us in the zoo. You managed to touch and delight us all.


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