Guidelines to Stay Safe out in Nature

Traveling on vacation? The guidelines that will keep you safe while out in nature

The tragedy that occurred last night in the Yitav Stream highlights once again to the traveling public the importance of behaving responsibly during nature trips. So if you are on your way to your next trip, take care of yourselves, and most importantly, enjoy and return home safely

A waterfall in the Golan (Photo: Kinneret Authority)

In light of the severe tragedy that occurred last night in the Yitav Stream, where a family's father lost his life after dehydrating, it is crucial to heed the guidelines provided by the relevant authorities for tourism. We are currently in the peak of the summer season, and during this period, there is a higher presence of travelers out in nature.

According to Mazi Megnagi Muskovitz, the director of education at the Nature and Parks Authority: "Adhering to the rules of safe travel that the Nature and Parks Authority publishes is vital, especially during these days of heavy heat. We call on travelers to choose short hiking routes with shaded spots along the way and to avoid strenuous hikes during the peak hours of heat.

Travelers are also invited to visit the information and explanation stations set up with the assistance of the Ministry of Environmental Protection in various sought-after hiking areas within nature reserves and national parks. They can receive guidance and directions regarding both the hiking routes and the general guidelines for safe travel and nature preservation."

The Nature and Parks Authority has published correct guidelines for the safety of the traveling public:

Plan ahead: Learn in advance about the nature of the route and ensure that it is suitable for the age and physical fitness of the travelers. Avoid hiking on days of extreme heat and during days when there may be a risk of flash floods.

Equip yourself accordingly: Bring an updated map of the route, an ample supply of water and food, appropriate clothing, hiking shoes, sunscreen, a head covering, and a fully charged mobile phone.

Travel only during daylight hours: Plan your hike to finish before dusk. If you find yourself in the dark, stop where you are, remain on the trail, and call for assistance on your phone.

Stay on the marked trail: Walk only on the designated trail as indicated on updated maps and according to the markings and signs along the route.

Update others about your hike: Leave a note on your car window with details about the route, your contact information, the number of hikers, and an estimated schedule of the hike.

Take care of yourself and the environment: Carry your waste with you, including wipes and toilet paper, to avoid harming wildlife. Refrain from burning toilet paper to prevent fires. Keep a safe distance from wild animals and do not feed them.


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