Roller Coaster Day

Roller Coaster Day: The roller coasters you won't want to miss

Around the world, today is celebrated as "Roller Coaster Day," which has inspired us to yearn for journeys to the grandest amusement parks and to ride the most exhilarating roller coasters. We've gathered a few of them for you

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In 15th and 16th century Russia, a new attraction emerged involving the construction of wooden structures built on snow-covered slopes. It was specially adapted to Russia's icy mountains and was therefore called "Mountains of Russia," which became the first roller coaster. If you're an extreme sports enthusiast, you'll be pleased to discover that in honor of "Roller Coaster Day" today (August 16th), here are five roller coasters from around the world that you won't want to miss.

Steel Dragon 2000 | Japan

In the year 2000, a new ride was opened at the amusement park "Nagashima Spa-Land" in Japan, a roller coaster in honor of the year 2000, represented by the zodiac sign of the dragon. The roller coaster, which is 2,419 meters long, reaches a height of 97 meters with a drop from a height of 93.5 meters, including double loops, over 70 climbs and descents, and a series of tunnels.

The ride on the Dragon roller coaster lasts about 4 minutes, at a high-speed of over 150 km/h. After its opening, the roller coaster broke the record and became the longest one in the world.

The Steel Dragon 2000 (Photo: Shutterstock/Various images)

Yukon Striker | Canada

At the amusement park "Canada's Wonderland" in Ontario, you can find the "Yukon Striker" roller coaster. This coaster, with a length of 1,105 meters, leaves riders suspended for three seconds at a height of 75 meters at a 90-degree angle, then drops and continues through four additional loops.

The roller coaster ride takes about 3.5 minutes, at a speed of 130 km/h.

3 seconds in the air (Photo: Shutterstock/ Lester Balajadia)

Kingda Ka | United States

The United States is known for its amusement parks, and one of the famous park chains is "Six Flags" with 13 parks across the country. In the "Great Adventure" park located in New Jersey, you can find the "Kingda Ka" roller coaster, which has been declared the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world, standing at 139 meters in height.

The roller coaster, with a length of 95 meters, lasts only 50 seconds, but simulates a sort of direct launch to the summit within 3.5 seconds, going straight into a 270-degree spiral and descending from a height of 127 meters. If you were curious about its speed, you'll be surprised to learn that it reaches a speed of 206 km/h.

The fastest and highest roller coaster (Photo: Shutterstock/Marti Bug Catcher)

Shambhala | Spain

In the amusement park "PortAventura" in Spain, you'll find the roller coaster 'Shambhala,' which features a 78-meter drop at a 77.4-degree angle, five "hills", a figure-eight twist, and a descent almost into the water.

The ride on the roller coaster, which is 1,564 meters long, takes about 3 minutes at a speed of 134 km/h and intersects several times with another roller coaster in the park, the "Dragon Khan."

Almost in the water (Photo: Shutterstock/Ana del Castillo)

The Smiler | UK

In the amusement park "Alton Towers" located in Staffordshire, you'll find a roller coaster that includes no less than 14 loops and various inversions during a ride lasting less than 3 minutes. Unlike other roller coasters, this one isn't extremely fast (85 km/h) or very high (30 meters), but it's just as enjoyable due to the loops, "hills", and sharp turns it features.

will make you smile (Photo: Shutterstock/photocritical)


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