A Limited Time Sale

The hotel association has launched a limited time sale

The Hotel Association is launching a joint operation today in which over 270 hotels in Israel are participating. The public will be able to book a vacation for one of the dates in the coming year with a discount of at least 20%. Upon its opening, the site crashed

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Today (Tuesday) starting at 12 PM, a special website will be launched where you can book vacations for the upcoming year at a unprecedented discount of at least 20%, and in some hotels, even more. The promotion will be valid for only 72 hours.

With the launch of the booking option, the dedicated website experienced a crash due to a high volume of simultaneous users.

This initiative is a collaboration of the Hotel Association, involving over 270 hotels in Israel, ranging from 3 to 5 stars. It comes in response to a significant decline in occupancy rates across hotels, driven by

the higher cost of living and various complaints regarding prices compared to overseas destinations. The association hopes that this promotion will attract many vacationers and fill hotel rooms in the upcoming year.

Vacations can be booked for various dates in the upcoming year, and on the association's website, you'll be able to find the participating hotels in the promotion and even make reservations through it. The discount applies without any fine print and covers all rooms and services in the hotels.

Yael Danieli, CEO of the Israel Hotel Association, stated that "the promotion is intended for smart and quick decision-makers. We want to make it easier for the Israeli public to enjoy an affordable vacation in any family configuration, in any type of room, across the entire country, and at any time of the year. From our perspective, the success of the promotion will allow every household in Israel to save on their next vacation booking and help fill hotels with Israelis even during slower periods."


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