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The new 500 Million Shekel Bus Terminal in Jerusalem

Yesterday the 'Arazim' bus terminal in northern Jerusalem opened, aimed primarily at serving ultra-Orthodox communities while potentially benefiting secular residents by reducing travel distances.

New Bus for Israel's transport system (photo: Avshalom sassoni/Flash90.     )

After nearly four years of construction, the Arazim Terminal located at the Ramot Junction on Route 1 will commenced operations yesterday (Wednesday). This significant transportation hub, constructed with an investment nearing half a billion NIS, boasts excellent access to both urban and intercity transit lines. Adjacent to the terminal, the future Blue Line of the light rail system is slated to begin operations in 2030. Additionally, a park-and-ride facility for 1,000 cars, expected to open in 2026, further enhances the terminal's utility as a pivotal transport node for the city.

The terminal includes charging stations for 215 electric buses, facilitating Jerusalem's shift towards zero-emission urban transportation. It also features a "green roof" abundant with vegetation, which minimizes environmental impact and enhances sustainability. Spanning 50,000 square meters, the terminal encompasses 12 bus platforms, administrative buildings, and driver rest areas.

Despite its proximity to major secular neighbourhoods like Pisgat Ze'ev and French Hill, as well as the Har Hotzvim employment area, which draws commuters from outside Jerusalem, the initial focus of the terminal will be on routes serving ultra-Orthodox communities, though it may serve to benefit the general public as well with improved transport.

Upon its opening, the terminal will service several routes including Line 404 to Bnei Brak, 426 to Petah Tikva, 424 and 407 to Netanya and Rehovot, 546 to Komemiyut, and northern lines 859, 982, 983, 992, 993, 996, 997, and 999 to Safed, Rechasim, Kiryat Ata, Nof Hagalil, Migdal HaEmek, and Haifa. Additional routes are scheduled to be added on Sundays, July 21 and August 4.


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