Appointment of a Commander for Galatz

A conditional order for Gallant: why don't you appoint a commander for Galei Zahal

After repeated temporary appointments of the command of the military radio station, the court ordered Yoav Gallant to provide an explanation for the delay in making a permanent appointment to the station's commander position

Minister of Defense (Photo: Elad Malka)

A saga of appointing a permanent commander at Galei Tzahal (IDF Radio Station). Following the petition of 'Success - Promoting a Just Society,' the Supreme Court issued an order today with conditions that stipulate that the Minister of Defense, Gallant, must provide an explanation within two months as to why a permanent commander has not been appointed to the IDF Radio Station.

The appointment of a Galatz commander has been delayed for several years, this after the end of the position of the previous commander - Shimon Elkabetz. First, the Minister of Defense at the time - Benny Gantz, appointed the media person Galit Altstein to a temporary appointment, and a search committee was established to find a permanent commander for the station. The committee recommended on the appointment of the manager of radio station 103 at that time - Or Tselkovnik, however the legal adviser to the government did not approve the appointment that was proposed during the election period.

After the establishment of the right-wing government, Gallant ignored the search notice, and the current Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant appointed the media person Danny Zaken as temporary commander of the station, and today, as mentioned, the High Court of Justice ruled that Gallant must give an explanation as to why he is delaying the appointment of a permanent commander for the military station.

Galatz refused to respond to the news.


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