Slichot at the Western Wall

As every year: thousands pray during Slichot at the Western Wall

With the entrance of the month of Elul, many members of Oriental Jewry and additional congregants took part in the first gathering for reciting Slichot prayers at the Western Wall plaza last night

(Photo: The Western Wall Heritage Foundation)

With the arrival of the month of Elul, the month of mercy and forgiveness, thousands of members of the people of Israel gathered last night (Saturday) for the annual traditional Slichot ceremony at the Western Wall.

In the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, they stated that "due to the significant desire and demand of the general public in the Jewish nation to participate in the central Slichot ceremonies, it has been decided this year to add Slichot ceremonies and hold 17 central Slichot events accompanied by cantors. This includes amplification of sound and the distribution of large screens along the edges of the Western Wall. This decision aims to spread the crowds and allow the general public to come to Jerusalem and join the Slichot ceremonies throughout the High Holy Days period."

It was further stated that "upcoming Slichot ceremonies will be broadcast live on the website of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation for those who are unable to physically attend the Western Wall and wish to participate in the moving event."

(Photo: The Western Wall Heritage Foundation)


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