Inspection of the Western Wall

Approaching the Jewish New Year: An inspection was conducted on the Western Wall stones

Approaching the Jewish New Year and the holidays of Tishrei, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation is preparing for the arrival of hundreds of thousands of worshipers. Therefore, a routine inspection has begun to examine the integrity of the Western Wall stones

(Photo: The Western Wall Heritage Foundation)

Approaching the Jewish New Year of 5784 and the holidays of Tishrei, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation is preparing for the arrival of hundreds of thousands of worshipers and visitors to the Western Wall Plaza during this period. Therefore, this morning (Tuesday), a routine inspection began to assess the integrity of the Western Wall stones.

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation conducts comprehensive inspections of all the Western Wall stones twice a year, on the eve of Passover and on the eve of Rosh Hashanah. These inspections are carried out manually and involve thorough maintenance of the Western Wall stones. The purpose is to ensure the safety of the thousands of worshipers who visit the holy site throughout the year, particularly during the Jewish holidays.

A team of engineers checked the stability of the stones of the Western Wall

The extensive inspection conducted today examined the stability of the Western Wall stones. An engineering team ascended a platform and assessed the durability and maintenance level of each stone in a continuous and organized process that is updated and cared for from one examination to the next.

(Photo: The Western Wall Heritage Foundation)

This action was carried out under the halachic supervision of the Western Wall's rabbi, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, in collaboration with the Antiquities Authority and the engineers of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, in accordance with the established halachic limitations.


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