"There is No Such Halacha"

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef's son-in-law drops a "bomb": there is no such law

The son-in-law of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef ZTz"L, Rabbi Aharon Butbul, ​​clarifies that in elections where all the candidates are ultra-Orthodox, there is no obligation to listen to the rabbis: "There is no such halacha"

(Photo: Bnam Shel Kdoshim - Wikimedia)

Rabbi Aharon Butbul, Rabbi of the Modi'in Region Regional Council and son-in-law of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef ZTz"L, this morning told a dramatic statement regarding listening to rabbis in elections for ultra-Orthodox local authorities.

In an interview with the radio program "Kol B'rama," Rabbi Butbul stated: "I am going to shatter a myth. When it comes to an ultra-Orthodox city where all representatives are God-fearing and strictly adhere to religious laws, and the only difference between them is their party affiliation, then there is no obligation to listen to the rabbis. This is not a religious law, and it's not a law from Mount Sinai."

Rabbi Butbul added, "There is a city where the head of a ultra-Orthodox list has submitted a candidacy, but he has no chance, and there is a non-ultra-Orthodox mayor who has gained the support of rabbis. Everyone can vote for whomever they think is suitable."

(Rabbi Butbul's words on Kol Barama radio)


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