"We Wish for Unity"

Chabad emissaries in a holiday greeting: "We wish for unity all year round"

Chabad emissaries from around the world have come together for a special video message for Rosh Hashanah, in which they talk about their preparations for the holiday. In their blessing, they also express hope that the unity they see among all parts of the Jewish people during the holidays will continue throughout the year

Rabbi Shlomo Hecht (photo: Beit Chabad, University of Connecticut)

At the threshold of the new year, a number of Chabad emissaries from Israel and around the world gathered from all four corners of the globe in a special video, where they extend blessings of a Happy New Year to the Jewish people. They also share their final preparations for the upcoming holiday month and convey an important message of unity.

Videos: Liran Vainshtain, Chabad houses in Ayia Napa and the University of Connecticut (Video editing: Yedidia Cohen)

"Wonderful to see the people of Israel at their best"

Rabbi Menachem and Rivka Greenberg are Chabad emissaries in the Shoham community since its establishment. On their way to another educational center for the holiday season, Rabbi Greenberg spoke about their final preparations for the holidays: "It's a wonderful opportunity to reach thousands of people with the Shofar, help those in need, set up the Sukkahs throughout the community, where hundreds of people bless over the Lulav and join in Simchat Torah.

"We invite people who don't usually come to synagogues. We have open synagogues on Yom Kippur, holding services outdoors in Shoham. It's wonderful to see the Jewish people at their best! The soul of every Jew who wants to draw closer to the Creator, this is the time and opportunity to use it for good, to awaken this spirit so that we all continue to do good deeds with love for Israel throughout the year."

In these days, Rabbi Greenberg wishes to see the people of Israel united. "May the unity we see in all parts of the nation during the holidays continue throughout the year. May we merit, through this, the coming of our righteous Messiah soon in our days. Amen!"

Rabbi Menachem Greenberg, Shoham (Photo: Liran Vainshtain)

From Israel to a Chabad house in Connecticut

And from the Holy Land, we depart for a 12-hour journey to the American heartland, to the University of Connecticut, where the emissary Rabbi Shlomo Hecht, together with his wife Shaindel, directs the local Chabad House at UCONN.

Rabbi Shlomo excitedly talks about the preparations for the holiday and mentions that this year, they will celebrate with a number of Israelis who have arrived as part of a student exchange program between universities. He says, "The preparations have already begun, the challahs are baking, and the pomegranates have arrived. Soon the holiday will begin, and we will celebrate with everyone in a warm and homey atmosphere. Wishing all of us a good year!"

His wife, Shaindel, also joins in with blessings: "We are preparing for Rosh Hashanah, and we've prepared many home-cooked meals. Many students from the university will join us, including 6 Israelis, and we are very happy and fortunate to host them. Wishing everyone a good and sweet year."

Nice to meet you, Rabbi Shlomo and Shaindel Hecht and their son Shmuel (screenshot: Beit Chabad, University of Connecticut)

"It's going to be a particularly happy celebration"

On the way back to the Holy Land from the United States, we stopped in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, at Rabbi Zusha Neimark's place. He runs the local Chabad House along with his wife, Ya'el. "We are preparing for full holidays with lots of food, on Rosh Hashanah alone we will have 200 people at each meal," he says. According to him: "It's going to be a joyous celebration, make sure to celebrate the holidays at the nearby Chabad House, you will enjoy it, and you won't forget it."

Rabbi Zusha Neimark (screenshot: Beit Chabad Ayia Napa)


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