Yeshiva of Sderot Returns

"This is the Victory": Watch the Yeshiva of Sderot Return Home

Watch the documentation: Yeshiva of Sderot returns home after two and a half months: "We will fight the enemy with a weapon in one hand and with learning Torah and values ​​in the other."

Yeshiva of Sderot Returns (Photo: Amit Levy)

Two and a half months after being evacuated from the yeshiva at the outbreak of the war, the students of the "Afikei Da'at" Hesder yeshiva from Sderot returned to the city today (Thursday). Yeshiva head Rabbi David Pandel: "The return home, and the rebuilding of the city is part of our victory. The rest of the residents and families affiliated with the yeshiva will return to live in the city only when the IDF completes the job and corrects the injustices of the disengagement [from Gush Katif]."

The head of the Sderot Yeshiva, Rabbi David Pandel, said that the victory over the Nazi enemy should be clear and unambiguous "Hundreds of yeshiva graduates are now fighting in Gaza in regular service and in the reserves, we have made a decision to return to the yeshiva, this is part of our victory, part of the victory of the people of Israel. To abandon territory for a long period of time is exactly what the enemy wants and we will not give it to him. We will fight him with a weapon in one hand and with the study of Torah and values ​​in the other. The rest of the residents and families of the Yeshiva will return to live in the city only when the IDF completes the job and corrects the injustices of disengagement."

Rabbi Pandel (Photo: Amit Levy)

The yeshiva students expected and hoped to get back to Sderot. One of the students said today that this is the news he has been waiting for for a long time "Sderot is our city and we will not only return to the Yeshiva but also expand it, to more and more branches here in the south to prove to the enemy that the mistake he made on the holiday of Simchat Torah will cost him dearly."

Yeshiva of Sderot returns home (Video: Yeshiva of Sderot)


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