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Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, UVA all get ADL failing grade on handling antisemitism

The ADL has issued a user-friendly "report card" to alert interested parties, including prospective students and their parents, regarding which American universities are making Jews feel safe on campus - and which fail to do so.

ADL. (Photo: T. Schneider/Shutterstock.)

The ADL has released an online "report card" grading colleges and universities on how effectively they fight antisemitism against Jewish students and ensure a healthy Jewish campus life.

According to the preface to the card, the "ADL’s Campus Antisemitism Report Card is a tool for students, parents, alumni, college faculty, guidance counselors, admissions consultants and other stakeholders. Our goal is to serve students and their families looking for information about the current state of antisemitism on campus and how particular universities and colleges are responding."

The ADL did qualify that this is only an initial effort at quantifying antisemitism on colleges, saying that "this is Report Card version 1.0 and should be used in concert with other tools when making decisions about college."

Among those universities receiving an "F" are Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Tufts, Standford, and the University of Chicago.

Just two universities get an "A": Brandeis and Elon.

Amherst, Duke, University of Florida, and University of Texas, Austin all got a "B."


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Israel-Gaza War, Antisemitism, France

France24: Man attempting to set fire to Rouen synagogue shot by police after threatening them

According to reports, the would-be arsonist was also brandishing weapons and was killed by police after threatening them with his knife.

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"Defender of the Jewish People"

Who are you, Douglas Murray?

Paying respect to a man who defends Israel and the Jewish people non-stop at a time when antisemitism is reaching new heights. 

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Israel has 9.9 million residents this coming Independence Day

Israel now has 9.9 million residents, 7 million of whom are Jews, a twelve-fold increase in population since the state was founded.

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Europe, European Jewry, Antisemitism

President of Conference of European Rabbis: "The Jews are here to stay"

In the face of Palestinian protests against his receiving the Charlemagne Prize, Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt said Hamas was "for the dire situation of the Palestinians."

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US-Israel Relations

Biden during Holocaust memorial: Others forget that Hamas slaughtered Israelis, I don't

In his speech at the Holocaust memorial ceremony, Biden said: "My commitment to Israel's security is cast as iron, even when we disagree, we continue to work together. We will not rest until we return all the hostages."

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Israel-Gaza War, United States

Biden on anti-Israel protests: There's a right to protest, but not to cause chaos

The President made this statement as encampments and clashes with local police continue across university campuses throughout the United States.

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Eurovision, Antisemitism

IDF app to provide Israelis in Malmo with realtime information for their own safety during Eurovision

The app, developed by Rear Command, is being activated solely for the city of Malmo during the Eurovision due to the high security alert.

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Jewish History, Archaeology

Extensive scientific testing confirms more of the Bible's account of Jerusalem

Extensive carbon-14 dating tests reveal among other things that Jerusalem's wall to the west of the City of David was build by Uziyah, not Hezekiah.

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Polish President condemns firebombing of Warsaw's main synagogue

Warsaw's main synagogue was firebombed last night by an unknown perpetrator. No-one was hurt and minimal damage was caused.

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Antisemitism in America

"Friends" Star: "Jews experiencing the worst attacks I have ever seen"

Actor David Schwimmer posted to Instagram about anti-Israeli demonstrations on US campuses: "If it had been any other minority group, the reaction would have been immediate."

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Israel-Gaza War, Antisemitism

Watch: Prime Minister Netanyahu calls campus anti-Israel protests "reminiscent of German universities in the 1930s"

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu released a video on X decrying the anti-Israel protests on college campuses and calling for more to be done.

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Columbia University, Antisemitism

Protestors outside Columbia to fleeing Jewish students: "Go back to Poland!"

The director of the OU chapter at Columbia said that the antisemitic events last night in and around Columbia University made it clear neither the university nor the city could guarantee Jewish safety.

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