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Iran, Italy
Italy shuts down Iranian consulate after missile attack

In his statement, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said Italy will also consider additional sanctions against Iran or senior officials who attack Israel.

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Iranian Attack

Report: Israel's cabinet suggested attack on Iran; Biden nixed it

The New York Times reported that members of Israel's political-security cabinet suggested attacking Iran as a response to last night's strike. However, US President Biden nixed the idea in a conversation with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

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Iran on its attack: "We taught the enemy a lesson"

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi commented on the attack last night and claimed that, "our forces have taught the Zionist enemy a lesson." He also threatened that, "any new adventure will be met with a heavier response"

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Israel Under Attack

Russia refuses to condemn Iran: "They were exercising self-defense"

Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to the Iranian attack against Israel: "This attack was carried out within the framework of the right of self-defense and in response to attacks on Iranian targets in the region."

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Israel Under Attack

The world on Israel's side: "Working to prevent further attacks"

World leaders responded to Iran's widespread attack on Israel, condemning the aggression and supporting the Jewish State. Britain: "Working urgently to stabilize the situation and prevent further attacks." Germany: "Irresponsible and unjustified attack."

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Watch: Iranian parliament celebrates - "We struck a blow to the enemy" 

The Iranian parliament celebrated tonight's attack against Israel despite the fact that the all the missiles and drones that were launched failed to penetrate the country's borders and the few that did failed to cause any damage. The speaker of parliament claimed that, "the Iranian people have dealt the enemy a blow that will be a lesson for him."

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Iran claims: "We will not respond so long as the UN condemns Israel"

The official X account of the Iranian embassy in the UN referred to tensions with Israel and claimed that if the Security Council had condemned the Israeli attack on Damascus, "we might not have had to respond to the attack."

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US-Israel Relations

Trump vs. Biden: "Lost control in everything related to Israel"

Former US President Donald Trump harshly attacked incumbent President Biden's policy towards Israel: "Biden has lost control of everything related to Israel, he has totally abandoned it."

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Report: This is how Israel will respond to an Iranian attack

The Saudi "Alif" website reported that if Iran chooses to attack Israeli targets in response to the killing of a Quds Force commander in Syria, Israel will attack targets deep inside Iran. According to the report, in recent days Israel has been practicing attacking websites related to the nuclear project.

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Israel-Gaza War

Turkey: We will limit exports to Israel until there's a ceasefire

The Turkish Ministry of Trade announced that it will limit the export of products to Israel until a ceasefire is declared and the war in Gaza ends. The decision comes after it was reported that Israel refused to allow Turkey to drop humanitarian aid into the Strip.

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US-Israel Relations

Elizabeth Warren: "It will become clear Israel is committing genocide in Gaza"

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren said she believes the International Court of Justice in The Hague "will find that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza, and they have enough evidence to do so."

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Israeli attack? Widespread internet disruptions in Iran

Iranian media is reporting widespread online disruptions and disconnection nationwide. At this point it is not clear who's behind the malfunctions.

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Israel-Gaza War

Sunak: "The terrible war against Hamas must end"

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak reiterated his support for Israel, but at the same time said that "this terrible war against Hamas must end. All the hostages must be released, and Gaza must be flooded with aid."

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"He should learn how to count:" Brazilian leader's embarrassing mistake

During a speech, Brazilian President Lula da Silva claimed that 12.3 million children have been killed in Gaza. Foreign Minister Israel Katz responded: "We need a law that every person who wants to be elected should learn how to count."

Uriel Be'eri, JFeed Staff | 06.04.24

US-Israel Relations

Interfering again: Schumer echoes call for early elections in Israel

Less than a month after he called on the Israeli public to head for elections since Netanyahu had "lost his way," Schumer echoed Benny Gantz's call for early elections in Israel.

Uriel Be'eri, JFeed Staff | 04.04.24

Iran, Cyber Terror

Ahead of Iran's "Quds Day:" Israel warns against increased cyber attacks

Ahead of the Iranian "Jerusalem Day" that will be celebrated this Friday, the National Cyber Organization is warning of an increase in cyber attacks against Israelis.

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Iranian leader on assassination of top general: Israel will regret its crimes

Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei responded to the attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria in which 7 commanders and officers of the Revolutionary Guards were killed, and threatened that "the evil regime will receive its punishment through our brave people, and Israel will regret its crime."

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Yair Lapid

With tensions brewing: Lapid makes diplomatic visit to the US

Opposition leader Yair Lapid has embarked on a political visit to Washington, D.C. during which he will meet with senior government officials. 

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Israeli Strike on Damascus

Iran's President threatens: "Israel's attack will not go unpunished"

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi responded to the attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria in which seven IRGC commanders and officers were killed and threatened that "the Israeli attack on the consulate in Damascus will not go unanswered."

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Syria Strike

Report: These are the senior Iranians who were killed in Syria

Saudi Arabian media reported that a Revolutionary Guards' communications officer was killed in the attack on Syria, along with two other Iranian citizens and 9 Iraqis.

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