Suspect of Threatening MK Gafni Arrested

A threatening letter was sent to the Knesset member's office, a suspect was arrested

An indictment was filed against a person who vandalized the monument to Rabin's memory on Holocaust Remembrance Day and also sent a threatening letter to the office of Knesset member Moshe Gafni

(Photo: Olivier Pitosi, Flash 90)

Indictment was filed today (Sunday) against a 67-year-old man, a resident of Bnei Brak, after he sent a threatening letter to the office of MK Moshe Gafni, the chairman of the Degel HaTorah party, and also defaced the monument in memory of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

Initially, the suspect was arrested on Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day by Tel Aviv's Lev Station police officers. According to the suspicion, the police received information that the suspect vandalized the monument in memory of Rabin on Ibn Gabirol Street in Tel Aviv. He sprayed the monument with the words "Rabin, a terrorist and a war criminal." Additionally, the suspect sat next to the monument, holding signs. One of them depicted a swastika, and another had the inscription: "75 years to Nakba Day."

After his arrest, the suspect was questioned and released under restrictive conditions. However, last week, he allegedly sent a letter to the office of MK Gafni, in which he wrote, among other things: "Dear Jewish Gestapo leader: The murderer and terrorist MK Gafni. Your murder is only a matter of time."

The letter sent to Gafni's office (Police spokesperson)

As a result, the suspect was arrested again by Bnei Brak Station police officers for further investigation. Upon its conclusion, he was charged with offenses related to property damage and threats by the Claims Unit of the Tel Aviv District Police. A request for his detention until the completion of the proceedings was also filed against him.


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