3 Left-Wing Activists Arrested at Demonstration

Demonstration in front of the police station in Tel Aviv: 3 left-wing activists were arrested

Left-wing activists came to demonstrate in front of a police station in Tel Aviv following the investigation of a boy who violated the order in the protests against the reform. The police arrested 3 demonstrators on suspicion of violating the public order and clashes broke out on the spot

The protesters confront the police officers outside the station (Photo: Avshalom Sasoni, Flash 90)

Left-wing protesters gathered today (Tuesday) to demonstrate in front of the police station on Salameh Street in Tel Aviv, following the investigation of a teenager who attacked police officers during a protest against the government. During the demonstration, three left-wing activists were arrested on suspicion of disturbing public order. According to the police's claim, the suspects created unreasonable noise using sound devices that disrupted the police officers' ability to provide service to citizens who came to file complaints at the citizen service center located in the station.

The police noted that the noise level was measured by an inspector from the Ministry of Environmental Quality, which exceeded 83 decibels, which is above the legal limit. They further added that the suspects were asked multiple times to stop, and when they refused, they were informed that their equipment was confiscated. The suspects resisted surrendering the equipment and continued to make noise. As a result, the police had no choice but to arrest three of the protesters.

The protesters outside the station (Photo: Avshalom Sasoni, Flash 90)

It should be noted that following the investigation of the teenager who attacked policemen during a demonstration in Ayalon, the left-wing protesters arrived at the scene. The teenager, who was arrested by Tel Aviv Yasam commander, Yair Hanona, was documented during the demonstration. The left-wing protesters claimed that the arrest was violent, and the teenager was attacked by Hanona. They also filed a complaint with the Department for the Investigation of Police Officers. As a result, it was recently reported that Hanona and four other officers are under investigation by the Police Internal Investigations Unit following the complaints of violent conduct during the dispersal of the protests.

Following the arrest of the protesters, left-wing activists are calling on the public to come to the scene and demonstrate. In a message sent on social networks, it was written: "The dictatorship is already here! Come and show support for the detainees, bring your megaphones and drums that the police have banned, because they will not silence us."


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