Elisha Yered Released

Drama in the trial: Elisha Yered was released from detention

Four days after the lynching incident in Benjamin, the police did not present evidence to the court to keep Elisha Yered in custody. The judge scolded the police plaintiff. Upon his release, he is expected to enter house arrest

(Photo: Itamar Carmon)

In the Jerusalem District Court, an appeal is taking place regarding the extension of the detention of Elisha Yered and Yehiel Indor, who were arrested following the lynching incident in Binyamin on the last Saturday night.

Indor, who is hospitalized at Shaare Zedek Medical Center due to a rock thrown at his head, is a suspect in the Palestinian's murder. Yered is suspected of obstructing the investigation proceedings and is present in the courtroom.

Judge Tamar Bar-Asher, who requested the police to present evidence against Yered to substantiate the allegations against him, but the representative of the Military Police did not provide organized reports.

Bar-Asher lost her patience and scolded the defendant: "You have nothing here."

Yered with his lawyer at the district court (Itamar Carmon)

According to his lawyers, Yered took the weapon in which the Palestinian was shot, after Indor was injured, and returned it to Indor's house to avoid leaving it in the vicinity of the Palestinian village. District police officers who arrived at his house arrested him on suspicion of obstructing the investigation process. He told them where the weapon was and provided a detailed account during his interrogation.

Since then, he has been detained, but it seems that the police have no further investigation directions.

Continuing, the judge added to the police representative: "Why do you need to keep the detainee in custody any longer?"

After a short while, the court received an appeal from the organization "Honenu" and ordered the release of Elisha Yered from custody under restrictive conditions:

He will remain under house arrest at his uncle's residence, he is prohibited from making phone calls, and he is required to provide bail of 6,000 shekels.

On the way to administrative detention

The assessment is similar to previous cases involving detainees from the "Gevaot" area, where the police lacked evidence against the suspects, they were released, and shortly thereafter were re-arrested administratively for a period of 3-4 months. One of these detainees is Avraham Yered, the brother of Elisha. Alternatively, it is possible that Yered will receive a lighter punishment - a temporary restraining order from Judea and Samaria for a number of months.


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