Riots in Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital

Because of the death of their relative: residents of East Jerusalem rioted in the hospital

Numerous police forces were summoned to Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital in Jerusalem during the night following reports of a disturbance by family members from East Jerusalem following the passing of a relative. The agitators also attacked the police officers, resulting in the arrest of four suspects

Archive of an attack in a hospital (Photo: Flash 90)

Police forces were called tonight (Wednesday) to the Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital in Jerusalem, following a report of violence and disorderly conduct by family members and relatives of a man whose death was pronounced at the hospital.

They disrupted the order and attacked police officers

A police force from the Shalem station in the Jerusalem district arrived promptly at the scene, and they were also violently attacked by family members from East Jerusalem who had disrupted the order at the location. They engaged in aggressive behavior, causing damage to the hospital doors. Additional police forces from the Jerusalem district were called to the hospital, and the officers had to use force against the involved individuals and remove them from the scene.

Following the incident, the police officers arrested four suspects on suspicion of assault, violence, and disturbance of order. They were transferred for investigation to the Shalem station in the Jerusalem district.

The Israeli Police stated: "We view with great severity violence and disruption of order in medical institutions and in general. We will continue to act vigorously against violence and any form of aggression until justice is served with the perpetrators."


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Israel Police, Terrorism

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Israel-Gaza War, Northern Front

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Crime, Prime Minister, Incitement

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Israel Police, Politics

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