Man Arrested on Suspicion of Possession of Illegal Substances

Kfar Qara: He had hundreds of grams of drugs in his house and was arrested

The police arrested a resident of Kfar Qara on suspicion of possessing hundreds of grams of substances suspected to be drugs. He was imprisoned and a request for an extension of his detention was submitted at the Magistrate's Court in Hadera

(Photo: Police Spokesperson)

A 29-year-old man was arrested yesterday (Wednesday) in Kfar Qara after hundreds of grams of substances suspected to be marijuana, hashish and about 70 ecstasy pills were found in his home.

At the end of the search in his home, the suspect was taken for questioning to the police station, and later it was decided to detain him. According to the police statement, based on the investigation findings, the prosecutor's office in Hadera will submit a request to extend his detention. A similar case occurred last Wednesday in Bnei Brak, when the police raided a hydro laboratory containing about 400 cannabis plants and arrested a resident of Bnei Brak suspected of cultivating and producing drugs under laboratory conditions in the city.

As part of the search, the police uncovered a laboratory with 400 cannabis plants weighing a total of about 100 kilograms, as well as various equipment used for cultivation and drug production. During the search conducted on the premises, an airsoft gun and corresponding bullets were also seized. At the conclusion of the operation, the police also seized a BMW car and a motorcycle belonging to the suspect. His detention has been extended until August 7th, and the findings have been handed over for further processing in the police's criminal laboratories.


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