Two Palestinians Arrested

Two Palestinians were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the Binyamin lynching

Two Palestinians were arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault and throwing stones in the Binyamin lynching that occurred two weeks ago, in which a Palestinian citizen was killed and an Israeli citizen was injured. The police clarified that "more arrests are expected"

Illustration (photo: Flash 90)

The police announced that two Palestinians were arrested last night (Monday) on suspicion of aggravated assault and throwing stones in an incident that occurred in Burka village two weeks ago, in which a Palestinian citizen was killed and an Israeli citizen was injured. The two were arrested during an operation by the Judea and Samaria Central Unit Police Department detectives and with the assistance of IDF forces.

According to the police statement, the arrested suspects included a minor and an adult. "The investigation of the incident continues, with the investigation team working to bring justice to all those involved in the incident," it was reported. It was also clarified that "more arrests are expected".

As a reminder, the lynching incident in Binyamin took place on August 4th, when Arab assailants from the village of Burqa began to attack a Jewish shepherd who was in an open area near the Arab village. The shepherd called for help from his companions, who arrived to assist him against the violent attack. According to the settlers' claims, dozens of Arab assailants started attacking them with clubs and stones. In response, the shepherd fired towards one of the assailants and killed him.

It is also claimed that the rioters crushed the Jewish shepherd's skull with a rock, and he was taken to Shaare Zedek Hospital where he had to undergo head surgery. Following the violent attack, the shepherd shot at one of the rioters and killed him, claiming that it was a shot in self-defense.

In the week after the incident, it was reported that 5 Palestinians were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the violent conflict, but they were released a few days later. The two Jewish settlers were also arrested, with one of them released last week to house arrest, and the other - Yehiel Indor - was transferred to detention after being hospitalized in Shaare Zedek.


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