Attempted Theft of Agricultural Crops

Residents of Umm al-Fahm were caught with hundreds of kilos of stolen tomatoes

Residents of Umm al-Fahm were apprehended after attempting to steal hundreds of kilograms of agricultural produce in the northern moshav of Ram-On. They were arrested, and the goods were returned to their owner

(Photo: Police Spokesperson)

Two Arab women residents of Umm al-Fahm were arrested today (Wednesday) after trying to steal hundreds of kilograms of agricultural crops.

According to the police statement, this morning a report was received from one of the Border Patrol volunteers who observed a suspicious vehicle in the agricultural area of Moshav Ram-On in the north. Following the report, Border Police forces arrived at the scene and conducted a search, locating the vehicle with the two suspects. During the vehicle inspection, tomatoes weighing 311 kilograms were found. The suspects were detained for investigation by the soldiers, and the produce was returned to the farmer.

(Photo: Police Spokesperson)

A similar incident occurred last week when a resident of Nazareth and two Palestinians from the city of Jenin were arrested after stealing dozens of kilograms of agricultural produce in Moshav Nir Yafeh in the Jezreel Valley. According to the police, the apprehension of the suspects took place during a routine patrol by Border Patrol soldiers in the Ta'anakh region. One of the farmers, a resident of Moshav Nir Yafeh, reported that a suspicious vehicle with several occupants was identified on his property, attempting to steal crops from his land.

The soldiers hurried to the location mentioned in the report and made their way to the field area, where they identified about 4 suspects loading agricultural produce into their vehicle. During the search of the vehicle, bags and sacks were found containing additional stolen agricultural yield, totaling around 50 kilograms of onions. Consequently, the suspects were detained for further investigation by the Central Unit of the Northern Border Guard.


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