Indictment Against the Driver was Filed

For 100 NIS: the Israeli Arab who drove the terrorist to Tel Aviv

The Israeli police have filed an indictment against an Israeli Arab from Taybeh, who brought the terrorist responsible for the attack in Tel Aviv, in which the soldier Chen Amir was murdered, into Tel Aviv. According to the indictment, the terrorist paid the driver 100 NIS in exchange for being transported to Israeli territories

The scene of the attack in Tel Aviv (Photo: Avshalom Sassoni, Flash 90)

The Israeli police filed an indictment yesterday (Sunday) against an Israeli Arab from Taybeh, who transported the terrorist responsible for the severe attack in Tel Aviv that resulted in the killing of the soldier, Chen Amir.

The investigation of the incident revealed that the terrorist arrived in Tel Aviv in a shuttle vehicle together with a number of other illegal residents, after the shuttle driver picked them up in exchange for a sum of money of 100 NIS. The shuttle driver Shadi bin Ahmed Jabar from the city of Taybeh, drove the illegal residents knowing that they did not hold legal residence permits, and this while driving despite his license being revoked.

The indictment also states that the shuttle driver drove the illegal residents from Baka to Tel Aviv, including the terrorist who coordinated with the shuttle driver ahead of time to pick him up. As part of the indictment, the vehicle that was used to transport the terrorist was seized by the police and is now in the process of confiscation for the benefit of the state.

As mentioned, today the prosecution unit filed an indictment with a request for detention until the end of the proceedings against the driver, on suspicion of transporting residents without a residence permit and driving while disqualified to the magistrates' court in Tel Aviv.

The late Chen Amir (photo: courtesy of the family)

As a reminder, about two weeks ago, an undocumented resident arrived in Tel Aviv with the intention of carrying out a shooting attack. A reconnaissance team from the Sela Special Patrol Unit of the Tel Aviv Municipality identified the terrorist and bravely moved to engage him as he began shooting at them. The patrol team successfully neutralized the terrorist, but during the exchange of fire, the patrolman Amir Chen, may he rest in peace, was injured, and he was later pronounced dead at the hospital.


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