Attempted Smuggling Intercepted 

Ben Gurion Airport: Attempted smuggling of prohibited items intercepted and individuals were arrested

Two suspects were arrested for attempting to smuggle prohibited items into the country. The investigation reveals that the suspects intended to use them in soccer games

(Photo: Police Spokesperson)

A few days ago, two suspects were arrested for attempting to smuggle prohibited items from Poland. As part of a joint operation with the Ben Gurion Airport Customs Unit, investigators managed to locate and apprehend the suspects who, upon their return flight from Poland, brought a large quantity of hazardous prohibited items in their suitcase.

(Photo: Police Spokesperson)

This concerns a 33-year-old resident of Tel Aviv and a 23-year-old resident of Holon who were taken in for questioning by the Jaffa Police. The investigation reveals that the suspects intended to use the same prohibited items in soccer games, thereby posing a real danger to soccer fans and athletes.

Subsequently, the suspects were brought before the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court, and their detention has been extended until August 22, 2023. The investigation is ongoing.

(Photo: Police Spokesperson)


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