Scandal at the High Court

Scandal at the High Court: "A black day for Israeli democracy"

No organization from the national camp was approved to join as a friend of the court in the petition against the Clause of Reasonability by the High Court of Justice: "Even the appearance of justice the court no longer tries to maintain"

(Photo: Haim Goldberg)

No organization from the national camp was approved to join as a friend of the court in the appeal against the the reduction of Clause of Reasonability. Supreme Court judges approved the association 'The Association for Civil Rights' to join the appeal as a 'friend of the court'. The same goes for the association "Adam Teva VeDin." However, all organizations from the national camp that submitted such a request were rejected by the Supreme Court.

The absurdity intensifies when examining the list of appellants, among them the Movement for the Quality of Governance, the multi-sector initiative for smoking cessation, the Civil Democratic Movement, the Bar Association, and the Movement for the Preservation of Democracy and the Rule of Law. All of them are involved in protests against the judicial reform.

"The Supreme Court's decision to lock its gates to civil society organizations, whose stance is that it does not have the authority to invalidate a basic law for the first time in the history of the state, is a colossal absurdity," stated Attorney Eran Ben-Ari from the law firm Ben-Ari, Marans, Techelet & Co, who filed the request for affiliation on behalf of the 'If You Will' movement. "This is a clear stifling of expression. Even just the appearance of justice, the court is no longer attempting to uphold."

"The absurdity cries out to the heavens that the court allows an argument from no fewer than 10 different bodies and various appellants from the left side of the political map, all of whom support the expansion of its authority to invalidate basic laws. The result is that the court will deliberate on changing the regime in Israel from a single civilian perspective. If this is the manner in which the appeals are being heard, then the outcome is clear. A black day for the judicial system and Israeli democracy."


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Outside the High Court: An alternative polling station was set up near the court

In the background of the discussion in the High Court regarding the petition to cancel the amendment to the incapacity law, the activists of the right-wing organization 'Im Tirtzu' staged a protest in which they presented ballots with notes that read "Invalid by the High Court": "Their dictatorship is trampling on the free citizens"

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In the face of interference from the judges Rothman: "The people are the sovereign"

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Before the dramatic hearing at the High Court: Yariv Levin made an harsh statement

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Protest Against Hayut

"Unimaginable choking silence": protest in front of Hayut's house

Activists of 'If You Will' arrived at the house of the President of the High Court with duct tape over their mouths, as a sign of protest against preventing the right-wing organizations from joining the discussion on the reduction of the Clause of Reasonability

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'If You Will' Joins the Argument

Friend of the Court: 'If You Will' filed a petition to join the hearing

After submitting the petition to the High Court against the reduction of the Clause of Reasonability and the joining of many protest organizations to the petition, the 'If You Will' movement submitted a request to join the hearing as a 'friend of the court'

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