Vehicles were Set on Fire

The clashes in the prisons: prison service vehicles were set on fire in Be'er Sheva

Four residents of the south were arrested by the police on suspicion of setting fire to vehicles belonging to the prison service in Be'er Sheva. The background is apparently the recent confrontations between prisoners from the criminal organizations and the prison service

(Photo: Police Spokesperson)

The police arrested 4 residents of the south last night (between Monday and Tuesday) on suspicion of setting fire to vehicles belonging to the prison service in Be'er Sheva.

According to the Israeli police investigation, the vehicles were likely set on fire against the backdrop of recent clashes within the prisons between members of the Israel Prisons Service and criminal organizations. As previously mentioned, four residents of the southern region in their 30s were arrested in connection with the incident. The suspects are currently under investigation, and it is anticipated that they will be brought for an extension of their detention hearing at the Rishon LeZion Magistrate's Court. As reported, last month, there were incidents of unrest in the prisons involving "Rimonim" and "Eshel" units after several criminal prisoners acted up in their cells.

Following the unrest, special forces from the Israel Prisons Service were deployed to disperse the prisoners. "Prison guards and fighters from the special units of the IPS broke into wings and extracted prisoners in order to disperse centers of power using tear gas," it was reported. It was further clarified that "the IPS will not tolerate breaches of order and discipline in its facilities."


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