Administrative Detention

The riots in south Tel Aviv: 53 infiltrators were transferred to administrative detention

After Minister Ben-Gvir intervened, and three days following the massive unrest and riots in South Tel Aviv, 53 Eritrean infiltrators who were involved in the disturbances were placed in administrative detention at the Tzalmon Prison in Ramla

The riot in south Tel Aviv (Photo: Omer Fichman, Flash 90)

Three days after the massive riots and disturbances in South Tel Aviv involving Eritrean infiltrators, the Population and Immigration Authority held hearings for 53 troublemakers last night (Monday) and subsequently sent them to administrative detention at the Givon Prison in Ramla.

After the infiltrators appealed to the court, Ben-Gvir held an urgent meeting

According to the report, the suspects will remain in administrative detention for four days, after which they will be brought before a judge who will decide on extending their detention. It was also reported that eight additional infiltrators who were involved in the unrest in South Tel Aviv were arrested last night.

Ben Gvir on this week's tour in south Tel Aviv (Photo: Avshalom Sassoni, Flash 90)

It should be noted that this step was postponed in the past two days following an appeal by the infiltrators to the courts, seeking their release. Nevertheless, the Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, held an urgent meeting in which he requested that the relevant authorities expedite the administrative process, and it appears that his guidance will be implemented.

Ben Gvir: "We will act with full force against the rioters"

Following the arrests, Minister Ben-Gvir stated: "I am pleased that the prosecution and the immigration authority have received my directive in the ministerial committee to arrest the infiltrators who rioted and injured police officers this past weekend in the administrative process. I commend the law enforcement agencies for implementing the policy in the field, and we will not tolerate lawlessness and will act with full force against troublemakers in the State of Israel."

During disturbances in Tel Aviv: about 30 policemen were injured

It should be noted that this exceptional step comes after nearly 200 people were injured last Saturday, including 30 police officers, in riots that broke out in South Tel Aviv between opponents of the Eritrean government and supporters of the government. During the riots, rocks and scooters were thrown at businesses in the area, and equipment worth hundreds of thousands of shekels was damaged.

The riots in Tel Aviv (Photo: Yonatan Sindel, Flash 90)

During attempts by the police to disperse the protest, dozens of protesters attacked the police, resulting in injuries to dozens of officers. In response, the police fired live rounds at the rioters, which drew criticism and led to an investigation by the police internal affairs division.

A day later, Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, arrived for an inspection in the area of the disturbances and conveyed his stance on the challenging events, stating: "I believe that anyone who disrupts the law should be arrested and imprisoned. And not just sit in detention but stay there until they leave this place. This is not their place."

Ben-Gvir on a tour in south Tel Aviv (Video: Minister's Spokesperson)

He added: "The most outrageous thing is that some of them are regime supporters, so what are they doing here? But even those who are not regime supporters should not be here."


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