Left-Wing Protest in Jerusalem

Leftist protesters tried to block the Begin road and were evacuated. Watch

Left-wing protesters gathered in Jerusalem ahead of the dramatic debate on the reduction of the Clause of Reasonability. During the demonstration, flares were confiscated by the police, and several protesters attempted to block Begin Road

(Photo: Police Spokesperson)

Left-wing protesters gathered today (Monday) near the Supreme Court in Jerusalem and began protesting ahead of the dramatic debate scheduled for tomorrow regarding the petitions against the reduction of the Clause of Reasonability.

During the protest, dozens of demonstrators stormed the Begin Highway in the city and blocked the road for a short time. Police forces quickly responded and worked to clear them from the highway within moments, reopening the road for full traffic.

The demonstrators on Begin (photo: police spokesmen)

Also, at the beginning of the protest, some demonstrators lit flares in violation of the law. During the police operation, a woman was arrested on suspicion of lighting a flare, and additional flares were found in her possession.

The demonstration in Jerusalem (Photo: Police Spokesperson)
The flares that were caught (photo: Police Spokesperson)

The police stated: "The Israel Police will continue to allow freedom of protest within the boundaries of the law, but will not tolerate violations of the law and order."


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