Agricultural Produce Theft

An Arab suspect was caught after stealing 110 kilos of grapes. Watch

Caught red-handed: Border police detectives arrested an Arab suspect while he was stealing a 110-kilogram harvest of grapes in the southern part of the country. The suspect, in his 50s, was apprehended along with another suspect who is an undocumented resident

The grapes that were seized (photo: police spokesmen)

As part of the effort to combat rural crime, detectives from the Central Unit of the Southern Border Police operated yesterday (Wednesday) based on intelligence received by the unit regarding a suspicion of agricultural produce theft in a southern region of the country, carried out by a resident of the Negev.

The grapes that were seized (photo: police spokesmen)

Based on the information, Border Police detectives carried out operations near the Zohar settlement in the southern region of the country, where they located the Arab suspect along with another suspect who was an undocumented resident in Israel. During a search conducted by the forces in the suspects' vehicles, a quantity of not less than 110 kilograms of stolen grapes was found, taken by the suspects from a nearby agricultural field.

The two suspects, both in their 50s and residents of Laqye and Kfar Nuba, were arrested and transferred for further investigation by the Southern Border Police Unit. The stolen grapes were returned to their owners at the conclusion of the operation.


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