Hard to watch: He refused to hand over the phone and was shot

Three residents of East Jerusalem were arrested after they shot at a person who refused to hand over his mobile device to them. The victim was seriously injured, and an expected indictment against the three is anticipated in the coming days

(Screenshot: Police Spokesperson)

The police have arrested three suspects, residents of East Jerusalem, who severely injured a man about a month ago as a result of shooting at him after he refused to hand over his mobile device to them.

From the police investigation, it emerged that following a romantic dispute between the parties involved, a connection was established between the three suspects and a resident of the Old City. They arranged to meet with him in the Abu Tor neighborhood. It was further revealed that after all four arrived at the scene, one of the suspects began shooting towards the resident's car, while the other two suspects prevented him from fleeing the scene and even assaulted him, causing damage to his vehicle. As a result of the incident, the victim was seriously injured.

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(Video: Police Spokesperson)

The suspects, residents of Abu Tor in their 20s, also demanded the victim to hand over his mobile device to them. They asked him several times, but he refused. Following his refusal, shots were fired at him until the ammunition ran out, nearly leading to his death. Additionally, it was reported that the three suspects stole the victim's mobile device and attempted to flee the scene.

Following the incident, the three suspects were apprehended and transferred to police custody. An expected indictment is anticipated to be filed against them in the coming days.


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